New York City, NY. 4 Sep 2012

We arrived to New York City late Tuesday afternoon in the pouring rain. New York city in the rain with a hightop van equals one big hassel. We finally found a lot to park Rusty in and attempted to haul all of our stuff to the apartment we were staying at. We made it about a half a block before we resorted to hailing a cab. Thankfully the first one we flagged down stopped for us and drove us the 5 short blocks we needed to go. We were fortunate enough to snag an awesome apartment from Mary’s family friend to stay in for three nights right in the middle of Lincoln Center.

We were very lucky to get hooked up with tickets to see Book of Mormon the second night in NY which was awesome! Other than that it was a chance to catch up with a few friends but mostly just chill and enjoy the rest in this amazing apartment… it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

NYC - rusty the van - road trip

Our apartment in the Upper West Side

NYC - rusty the van - road trip

View from the apartment

NYC - rusty the van - road trip

Mary & Daisy at Whiskey Tavern in Chinatown